About Dylan Lees Photography

Self Portrait

Fine Art Landscape and Nature Photography

Dylan Lees is a self-taught landscape and nature photographer working in the digital medium. Born and raised in the greater Lansing area of Michigan, his special passion is bringing the beauty of nature to life through the photographic art.

Dylan first began seriously working with cameras at the age of eleven, assisting his mother with publicity photos for a local non-profit theater company. It wasn't until a family trip to Mackinac Island as a teenager that he began to seriously explore photography as a means of artistic expression instead of simply as a craft.

Since that transitional moment, Dylan has focused on refining his abilities to better express that artistic vision that drives him to create. Dylan believes in photography as art, not as documentation; he strives always to capture the emotion of a particular slice of nature and communicate that emotional connection through the finished piece, using the digital artistic process to better impart that sense of emotion.

Dylan's work has been shown at galleries and juried art shows across lower Michigan, including the Lansing Art Gallery, the East Lansing Public Art Gallery and art shows in Ann Arbor, Plymouth, Milford, Grand Haven and Northville.